Christmas Theatre

Great Expectations

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st December

The impressive Marble Hall at Holkham, what better setting for our Christmas theatre production? Join us for Charles Dickens's tale of destiny, desire and duplicity, brought to you by the imagination of Rain or Shine Theatre Company in James Reynard's new adaptation.

The story tells of Pip, a young orphan growing to adulthood, whose expectations are shaped by a number of colourful and curious characters. His future is formed and fortune made by a mysterious benefactor. Could it be an escaped convict he meets on Christmas Eve, or perhaps Joe Gargery, the kindly blacksmith, Miss Haversham the eternal bride, or an uncompromising lawyer, Mr Jaggers? With the boundaries of good and evil blurred, Pip has to learn who is friend... and who is foe.

Dickens’s novel of wealth, poverty, love, rejection and the conflict between good and evil is one of the most popular classics of English literature. Great Expectations is an enduring tale that has delighted readers, listeners, theatre and cinema audiences ever since!

The perfect festive Victorian theatrical treat!


Please note that this event is now SOLD OUT

Auditorium Adult £17.50, Child £13.50
Gallery Adult £12.50, Child £8.50

Please note that there is restricted viewing in the gallery.


Plays for 2015

What better setting to enjoy a summer evening's theatre than our beautiful walled gardens. For 2015 we will be offering a range of carefully selected performances to include popular titles of comedy and drama and welcome the return of some brilliant theatre companies whose performances are guaranteed to enthrall and captivate the audience.

Please bring your own rugs or low-backed seating and come prepared for all weathers. Theatre-goers will be admitted to the gardens 45 minutes before the production starts. For the enjoyment of all, visitors with chairs will be asked to sit to the sides and back of the seating area and those with picnic blankets to the front and centre.

The Three Musketeers

Wednesday 5th August, 6.15pm

Join young D’Artagnan on his quest to become a musketeer. He meets the evangelical Aramis, the glutton Porthos and the quiet Athos. They become the best of friends and work together to protect the interests of the King and Queen, from the scheming Cardinal Richelieu. When the Cardinal sends his agent Milady out to embarrass and discredit the queen, she goes too far and it falls to D’Artagnan and his new found friends to save the day. Featuring original songs and spectacular, swashbuckling swordfights and the fast pace will keep you on the edge of your seats to the very end! ...All for one and one for all!

Brought to Holkham by Box Tree Productions.

Tickets: Details will be announced shortly.

The Secret Garden

Wednesday 12th August, 6.15pm

Enjoy Chapterhouse Theatre's adaptation of this most enchanting story, loved by children and adults alike. Join young Mary Lennox on her journey of discovery as she travels to her uncle’s house deep in the Yorkshire countryside, where unexpected friends and very magical creatures help her unlock the mystery of the secret garden.

Alive with music and song and an array of especially designed puppet creatures, Mary’s story and The Secret Garden promises to capture the spirit of summer in our very own 'secret garden' at Holkham.

Tickets: Details will be announced shortly.

Twelfth Night

Wednesday 19th August, 7pm

Be enthralled by the Lord Chamberlain's Men's adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, a romance and a comedy in equal measure, which follows twins Sebastian and Viola, separated after a shipwreck, in the idyllic classical setting of Illyria. Viola, disguised as a boy, soon receives romantic attention, however soon she becomes a part of a complex web of lustful entanglement, with the twists and turns of the play leading to a crescendo of mistaken identity, love and lust.

Tickets: Details will be announced shortly.

Robin Hood - The Musical

Wednesday 26th August, 6.15pm

There is perhaps no more iconic tale set in the English countryside than that of Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Join Cambridge Touring Theatre as Robin as seeks to restore the rightful balance and thwart the Sheriff of Nottingham! Will he capture Maid Marion’s heart and save the people of Sherwood Forest?

Tickets: Details will be announced shortly.

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