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The re-gilding of several areas of the hall has been carried out by London gilder, Rupert Coke. For more information about his work at Holkham please click here.

Click here to see an interactive panorama of Holkham Hall covering 150º (photography by Rod Edwards www.rodedwards.co.uk)


Holkham Hall is privately owned and a lived-in family home. As well as Viscount Coke and his family, two other families live here throughout the year and although the house is closed to the public in the winter, it is never empty or idle. Its library, statues, paintings and furniture are a major source for academic research. Holkham has loaned paintings, furniture and manuscripts to galleries and museums in Italy, Germany, England, Japan and America.

The Hall is a member of the Treasure Houses group which consists of ten of the most magnificent palaces, houses and castles in England today. Each has its own unique charm and all combine together to give a fascinating insight into life in England over the centuries.

Holkham Hall is also a member of the Historic Houses Association. Formed in 1973, the HHA exists to provide practical advice and professional services to private owners, and to represent them in their effort to preserve this vital part of our heritage in the interest of the nation. The present Earl of Leicester is patron of the HHA. To see information on becoming a Friend of the HHA click here.

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